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Dealing With Feelings

Each of the simple stories in the Dealing With Feelings series, beautifully illustrated by Jane Massey, explores a familiar childhood experience. These stories help children process and understand a variety of emotions, while helpful hints at the back of the books suggest ways for parents and practitioners to build on this understanding in many creative and fun ways.

My Best Friend

My Best Friend cover

Molly and Sunita are best friends. Sometimes they can be quiet, sometimes they can be funny, sometimes they can be crazy, and sometimes, they might even be grumpy! But Molly learns that no matter what, Sunita is always her best friend.

Max's First Day

Max's First Day cover

Max is excited as he gets ready for his first day at school - but he's a bit worried too. Each time he starts to worry, Dad is there to reassure him. And in the end, it's Dad who is left alone, as Max runs off into the playground with his best friend!

My Big Brother

My Big Brother cover

Gregory knows how it feels to be a little brother. Derek can write longer words, score more goals, dig bigger holes, and ride his bike faster. But Gregory finally finds that there can be advantages to being small - when you play hide and seek!

What Natasha Can Do

What Natasha Can Do cover

Natasha can pour her own milk, fasten her own buttons, and use the toilet on her own. Her little brother TJ needs help with all these things. But when it rains, TJ shows that he is just as capable as Natasha - at splashing in puddles!

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