About The Author

Nicola Call lives in the sunshine of Northern California with her husband, three children, and a menagerie of various pets. But her heart will always be back in England, where she spent most of her childhood either dreaming about horses or reading stories about them. When she wasn't reading about horses, Nicola was writing about them, so it was no surprise that she majored in English Literature at London University while dashing home every weekend to ride her horse.

Once she graduated and started teaching in London's inner city schools, Nicola found that her joy and creativity in the classroom became infectious, and her work was soon being noted and quoted in educational publications. She moved swiftly into management positions, but it was in the classroom that she found most satisfaction, as she researched and read voraciously to match theory with practice. Most significant was the impact of her creative teaching methods upon student motivation and attitude.

Soon, Nicola joined forces with Alistair Smith, one of the first UK trainers in Accelerated Learning techniques, combining Alistair's training and research expertise with her classroom experience and background as a writer. The result was ALPS - Accelerated Learning in Primary Schools (Network Press, 1999), followed by The ALPS Approach Resource Book (Network Press, 2001).

Next, Nicola collaborated with Sally Featherstone to write The Thinking Child (Continuum, 2003), which relates the theory of brain-based learning to the Early Years. The Thinking Child, now in its second edition, was accompanied by The Thinking Child Resource Book (Continuum, 2004, 2011), giving practitioners a wealth of creative suggestions to link the latest research in brain development to the best early years practice. Most importantly, The Thinking Child stresses giving young children the independence and freedom to discover things for themselves, with a strong emphasis on play.

Nicola's love of children's fiction led to her next project, a series of picture books that explore the simple, everyday challenges that face young children. The first four titles in this series, My Best Friend, Max's First Day, What Natasha Can Do, and My Big Brother (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013) recently won Highly Commended at the Nursery World Awards in London. The next four titles, It's My Turn, Sunita's Sister, Making Friends, and Gregory's Grumpy Day are due for release by Bloomsbury in July 2014.

Nicola always has several writing projects on the go. She recently completed the first of a series of chapter books titled Isaac Newton and the Pink Tutu, along with a middle grade contemporary novel, AKA Nobody, which could be described as something akin to SuperFudge gatecrashing Danny Zuko's life in the movie Grease. Meanwhile, Nicola's current WIP (work in progress) is her first young adult novel, as yet untitled. (Her children, however, would much prefer she stuck to writing stories about horses!)